98% Pass Guarantee for Canada Driving Test

98% Pass Guarantee for Canada Driving Test

Beyond Driver’s Manual & Handbook. More Close To Transparent Like Real Driving.Easy Way To Plug-in and Free Practice

How does it Work

In Canada driving test, aware that in every 10 candidates there are only 4 or 5 candidates able to clear Canada driving test? The rest of all are losing their tests. It is the main reason to come up with this new product called driving test platform. Here, you are allowed to take our “n” number of free mock practice tests till you ready to attend the real driving test and join our 98% of passed customers.

Equal Contribution in designing Questions for our Customers and Real Driving test

Specific according to County

In Canada driving test, the commandments and laws are separate to County, so that we have segregated practiced difficulties to all counties equally with the same patterns. Our designs are transparent from the official guide that makes you feel similar to the actual and real driving test.

Advanced and Accurate

Since every year the syllabus keeps on changing from the main transport department form County. Hence we are presenting you the latest & advanced syllabus, information with actual process making.

Sample like Real Driving Test 

To habituate our customers to know the real test pattern, we have implemented the whole scenario just like an imitation to the actual driving test.

100% better than Driver’s test manual

Here, we make your study with flashcards; know the information through info graphics and immense free practice with unlimited attempts were all these fail to present in Driver’s test manual & handbook.

The smart way to Prepare

Slot your time for days not hours

You have a lot to know before going live with test or drive; you can’t even learn and practice everything by spending one whole day in it. Be focused on practicing the Canada driving test sample mock tests for free and climb up to attend the test with confidence.

Learn from mistakes

In the initial stage, all commit mistakes because of improper knowledge and anxiety. Please do not give up instead learn more from it to overcome in the test trail. We are sharing our hand with you to increase knowledge to collect driving license.

Retake and Resume your driving test

Canada driving test is the only driver license where you can attend single test to the number of times and pause your test in between and resume whenever you like.

What is Driving Test?

The Canada Driving Test is the procedure to explore the candidate’s ability in operating vehicle like car, motorcycle or any other heavy lanes. In the country of Canada, there are many counties with specific rules to receive a driving license.

The driving test separated into two sections Computer-based written test & practical driving test.  The first test deal with multiple answers and the second test will conduct behind the wheels to know the candidates balancing levels with all driver rules.

The written test covers the syllabus like road rules, traffic commands & signs, penalties, limitations and safe driving precautions.

Recent Reviews from our Users


Much and much better than the handbook and Driver’s manual. I have failed in my driver test almost 9 times so far. After taking an online practice test, I developed more confidence with the accurate driving knowledge to pass a G1 road test.


I love the pattern that provides the different sections to each category that make me practice at Canada driving test easily whenever I plug-in to it. I have practised more than 400 questions in each category that sounds good.


These tests are great advice to those who are looking for the latest updated driver manual’s. It is providing you with the right designed path so that the candidate will correct themselves from mistakes.

 Mercy John

These driving tests help prepare me to feel the extra confident levels like never before to the present level of driving knowledge.

James Roy

I into this platform a lot, it is following a unique style like no other driving test websites. It provides the user with several questions to practice as similar to the actual and real test. So you defiantly pass your test as like me.


I feel great to step out from handbook to the online practice platform. This format is more helpful than the Driver’s Manual. I learned more knowledge and a lot of encouragement to clear the test.