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  • At what age I can apply for the licence in Alberta?

    You can apply for the licence when you are 14 years old and above.

  • Reaching your closest registry office. Simply call l 780-427-7013 (Service Alberta). You additionally may:

    visit official Alberta site


    visit the Association of Alberta Registries

    refer to your nearby local directory under License and Registry Services

  • Applying for a full driver permit in Alberta is around a two-year measure. There are steps

    • Stage 1: Take and clear a written test that will give you a learner’s grant.
    • Stage 2: Hold your license for at least a year and pass the basic Alberta Class 5 test to turn into a Probationary Driver.
    • Stage 3: Hold your Probationary permit for a year and clear the advanced road test to turn into a fully-licenced driver.
  • Once you pass the Knowledge test you will be permitted with learner’s licence where you can drive the vehicle in observation of elder sitting next to you, these learner’s licence should be carried for 12months once the period is over you can apply for a road test.

  • Unfortunately, if you fail to clear the Driver’s Knowledge Test, you need to wait for 24 hours and again retake the test.

  • No, most of the questions rely upon road signs, and road rules questions are not so much complicated. Ensure you read questions properly and select the suitable answer which is given in options.