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Canada Driver’s Knowledge Test

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Canada Learners Practice Test

To legally drive in Canada, you must obtain a driver’s licence issued by the road authorities of your territory/province. Canadian driving licence procedure can be strict and long. Each candidate must pass a driver knowledge test (written test) followed by one or more road tests.

No matter which Canadian territory or province you are from, our dedicated learners practice tests will sail you through the knowledge test. We provide 900+ mock tests which are carefully crafted by industry experts. Become a pro at road signs and rules with our tests and succeed in your test easily.

Ace Canada Drivers Test in 3 Simple Steps

How This Works

Study Driver’s Manual

The driver knowledge tests in Canada are based on the handbook issued by driving licence department. Get yours from the website or offline and start studying.

Practice our Simulator Tests

Reading the handbook alone is not enough. Exercise our real-like free driving practice tests to grow familiar and stress-free.

Pass the Knowledge Test

Appear confidently for the knowledge test. These tests are typically multiple-choice based and require an 80% pass score. Pass the test to get a first-level driver’s licence.

Canada Driver Knowledge Tests are Easier to Pass Now

Based on the Latest Syllabus. Better than the Manual.

Province-Specific Tests

Choose your province and select your vehicle category to start preparing for the test. We provide concise and accurate tests linked to each specific province or territory.

Latest and Reliable

We strive to present to you the updated practice tests based on the latest syllabus, so you do not have to worry about leaving out anything.

Retake Tough Questions

Our tests encourage you to focus on your weaknesses to improve. Mark the toughest questions and retake until you are perfect.

Free Learning Access

We have a wide range of free practice tests that do not require any sign up or login procedure. Just click on the test and open to get started.

Free Traffic Signs Practice Tests Designed for Quality Learning

Why Should You Take Our Tests?

Monitor Your Progress

Mock tests enable you to track your progress, identify your mistakes so you can correct them, and so on.

Compact Tests

We provide engaging tests without unnecessary stuff and boring lectures. Get started with free tests or register for greater benefits on our website.

Prepared by Experts

All our tests are curated by our team of professionals who deal with taking tests and issuing driver’s licences.

Swift and Secure

Our tests are instantaneous and provide real time explanations for each answer. The details collected while registration are safe and will not be disclosed without consent.

Get Ready to Become a Pro Driver

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Dashboard Access

Unlock your personal dashboard where you can monitor your learning progress, view test scores, and more. This enables you to know your areas of improvement.

Accessible Flashcards

We provide enhanced learning methods like topic-wise flashcards associated with the driver’s handbook syllabus.

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Get access to our comprehensive study materials with more than 900 questions and over 100 practice tests.

Amplified Success Rate

Be assured of passing your driver’s licence test with our effective mock tests. Sign up for premium at $15 for 30 days or $30 for 90 days.

Province-Specific Canadian Driving Test Practice

We do not limit our services to just one region. Whether you are from Ontario or Manitoba, find the practice tests designed to meet your state test requirements.

Alberta Driving Test Practice

Alberta driver’s knowledge test requires 25/30 correct answers to pass. We provide Alberta learners license practice tests that correspond with the official driver’s handbook. Get started with our tests to clear your Alberta learners practice test and become a pro driver.

British Columbia – ICBC Knowledge Test Practice

British Columbia’s minimum age requirement for a driving licence is 16. Start practicing early to get your hands on a learner’s licence easily. We provide real-like ICBC driving knowledge test practice questions that assure success.

Manitoba MPI Knowledge Test

Manitoba’s knowledge test requires you to pass a 30-question test with an 80% score. To pass the first time, gain ample practice and confidence by taking our Manitoba MPI driving quiz tests.

New Brunswick – NB Drivers Permit Practice Test

Prepare with our ample mock tests to pass your driving test in New Brunswick. All our tests are designed to make you grow familiar with the exam pattern and time duration.

Newfoundland and Labrador Driving Test

Most Canadians find Newfoundland learners permit practice test difficult to pass on their first time. If you are anxious about clearing the test, we have plenty of trusted mock tests based on the driver’s guidebook.

Nova Scotia Driving Test

All our dedicated mock tests for Nova Scotia are based on the latest syllabus and include important and previously repeated questions. With drivers practice test Nova Scotia licence is just one step away.

Nunavut Learner’s Permit Test

Nunavut permit practice test is now easier to pass if you are well prepared. We offer personalized >Nunavut learners practice tests, detailed explanations, and more to help you grow.

Northwest Territories Learner’s Permit Test

Grow your chances of obtaining the Class 7 licence on your first try by attempting our NWT permit practice tests. Our tests are designed to meet all your learning requirements.

Ontario G1 Driving Test

For residents in Ontario, we avail G1 exam practice tests that give the same experience as the real test. Grow confident with our G1 practice tests and get ready to appear for the knowledge test.

Prince Edward Island – PEI Driving Test Practice

We have plenty of options available for PEI permit practice test prep. With respective tests available for categories of bike, car, and truck, you can simply choose your vehicle and start practicing the mock tests.

Quebec SAAQ Knowledge Practice Test

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec or SAAQ knowledge exam requires more practice than other states. It consists of 64 questions out of which 56 must be answered correctly. Our tests have Quebec-specific questions that will prepare you for the test.

Saskatchewan SGI Practice Sign Test

Saskatchewan SGI test has 50 questions: 30 for road signs and 20 for road rules. The candidates must pass with an 80% score in each section. Get ready to ace the Saskatchewan with our SGI practise tests.

Yukon Graduated Drivers Licence Test

Yukon driving knowledge test is the first level of Yukon’s Graduated Driving Licence (GDL) program. The test consists of two sections, each with 20 questions. Join our Yukon permit practice tests and improve your chances of passing the first time.

What’s Next After You Pass?

As soon as you pass the practice tests, you will be issued a learner’s licence. This licence allows you to drive vehicles but with a few restrictions like you cannot drive alone until you turn 19 years old. There must be a qualified driver in the vehicle monitoring your driving skills.

Knowledge Test Questions and Topics

The number of questions depends on the province you are applying from. However, common topics include: