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New Brunswick Driving Test

To get a driver's permit in New Brunswick, you should be 16 years old. The New Brunswick graduated learner program was created by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, to help ensure the safe joining of new drivers onto New Brunswick streets and highways. It is a three-phase process, which at least can take two years to finish. To get a driver's licence, you need to go through a written test and vision test upon clearing the written and vision test you're eligible to apply for a road test. Once you pass the road test, you will be having a stand by a period of time, after finishing that period you will be upgraded to Full Driver's permit. We give you mock practice tests to class 5, class 6, which goes under the vehicles car, motorcycle. The most well-known Driver's permit is as follows.

  • Class 5 Driver Test

    Before to get class 5 licence, you need to get a class 7 licence which is called instruction permit.

  • Class 7 Driver Test

    The initial phase in the New Brunswick graduated learner program is to finish a written assessment, which surveys your insight into New Brunswick street signs and street rules. This permitting stage is all theory-based and assists drivers with understanding the essentials behind driving before they get in the Driver's seat of a vehicle.

    • level 1

      Class 7 level 1 permit is obtained upon clearing the written test and vision test affirmed by Graduated Learner Program (GDL). You can get this when you are 16 years old.

    • Level 2

      The Class 7 Level 2 permit is the second phase of the New Brunswick graduated learner Program. This is an advanced permitting level where new drivers can practice driving without supervision during light hours. This class 7 level 2 licence is acquired on clearing the road test.

      Holding class 7 level 2 licence for a year you will be upgraded to class 5 full driver licence.

  • Class 6 Driver Test

    A class 6 licence will allow to drive motorcycles, the present Graduated licence program for motorcycles is a single-stage process where this GDL permit lasts for a minimum of 12 months. To get a class 6 licence, you need to pass the written test and vision test.

  • Class 6 GDL licence Driving Test

    To get this class 6 GDL licence, the learner has to take up the motorcycle Driving training course which is a part of Graduated Driver's Licence and along with that he/she should pass the written test and vision test. Upon clearing this test, you will be obtaining a class 6 GDL licence.

  • Class 6 Full licence Driving Test

    Getting your Class 6 permit after showing strong riding abilities in an on-road test, it is the last phase in getting Full licence to drive a bike in New Brunswick. The Driver needs to wait for 1 year on holding clas 6 GDL licence. Once the stand by time is over, he/she can apply for a road test. If he/she passes the road test, Driver will be permitted with class 6 full Driver's licence to drive a motorcycle.

    The real Knowledge Test comprises of 40 questions where it parts into 2 segments the first segment will be road signs and the second segment is road rules in each segment you will have 20 questions, you are permitted to commit 4 errors in each segment. The passing criteria for this are 80%. To apply for a written test through this site or by visiting your nearby Service New Brunswick office or just by calling on this number (1-888-762-8600). The written test costs may vary based on the class of licence, check this site for reference You will have no time cutoff to clear this test on the off chance that you end up fail to clear the test you can apply again and retake the test for this they will charge you an additional amount.

    We designed our mock practice tests in an easy and effective way to get good command over traffic laws. There are 45 questions for every each test to clear mock practice test, and you ought to get 38 questions right. Here we give mock practice tests to car, bike. For car mock practice test there are 10 tests, While for motorbike there will be 5 tests for each test you will be dispensed with 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 options, need to pick a decision from those 4 choices. Here there is no time limit, and you can rehearse these tests for nothing on the web. The questions depend upon the real test and have been reestablished for 2020, much comparable to the actual knowledge test.


  • At what age I can apply for licence inNew Brunswick?

    When you are 16 years old, you can apply for the licence.

  • Applying for a permit in NB is at least a two-year process. There are some of the following steps to be taken to get the full Driver's permit in New Brunswick.

    • Take and finish a written test that will give you an Instructional Permit.
    • Hold your Instructional Permit for a period of 12 months.
    • Take and finish your road test. Get your Level 2 permit of class 7.
    • Holding your Level 2 permit for a year. At this point of time, you can apply for your full license.
  • If you fail to clear the written test, You have to wait for a week and then you're allowed to retake the test at whatever point you are prepared. For this, they will charge an extra amount.

  • To apply for the written test, you can do it in two ways one way is that you can visit Service New Brunswick office or just by calling on this number (1-888-762-8600). Or do it online by going through this link

  • The handbook might be found on the Service New Brunswick official site

  • The questions you will overcome will be related to safety measures, road rules, road signs, traffic rules.

Driving Theory Test

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