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Ontario Driving Test

So as to get full driver permit in Ontario, you need to take the knowledge test and road test, additional road test. If you are at 16 years of age, you can apply for driver's permit in Ontario. As a new driver, you should work on driving and gain experience. For getting learner's permit, the driver needs to take a knowledge test, holding learner's licence you can apply for a road test, Finally, after passing the road test, the driver can apply for a full driving permit. To clear learner's licence, the passing score should be 32 questions correct out of 40 questions which are of multiple-choice. Our site gives mock practice tests  to class G, class M, class D, which falls under the car, motorbike and truck. The most well-known driver's permit is as per the following.
  • Class G (Full Licence) Driving Test

    Class G licence is to operate a car, to get Full G licence you need to go through two levels of G licence that is G1 and G2.
  • Class G1 (Learner's permit) Driving Test

    G1 licence you will receive on successful completion of the knowledge test and vision test, which you can hold this licence for 12 months, Holding this licence he/she can drive the car only under the supervision of full licensed driver who held for at least 4 years. And the driver cannot drive the vehicle from 12 am to 5 am.
  • Class G2 (Probationary Licence) Driving Test

    G2 licence is obtained only upon clearing the road test, and this road test is accessible after having held a G1 permit for 1 year. G2 driver may drive without accompanying a driver. You have to hold G2 permit for a year, and they can apply for full Driver Licence(Class G) which is acquired on clearing one more road test.
  • MotorBike Driving Test

    To drive a bike, you will require an M Class permit. The kind of license you get will rely upon the sort of motorbike you need to drive. The three major types are:
    • Class M Driving Test

      In class M licence driver can drive full speed motorcycles which include M1 and M2.
    • Class M1 Driving Test

      Class M1 is to drive limited-speed vehicles, and this is a Level 1 graduated Licence.
    • Class M2 Driving Test

      Motorcycles that can be driven with restricted speed and moped vehicles with Class M2, which is Level 2 graduated licence.
  • Class D Driving Test

    The Class D permit lets you drive A truck with a gross weight or net weight exceeding 11,000 kilograms (24,000 lb) or any truck or blend exceeding 11,000 kilograms.The actual Knowledge Test consists of 40 questions where it splits into 2 sections the first section will be road signs and the second section is road rules in each section you will have 20 questions, you are allowed to make 4 mistakes in each section. To apply for a knowledge test through this site or by visiting your local licensing center. The knowledge test costs $158. You will have no time cutoff to clear this test if you happen to fail to clear the test you can apply again and retake the test for this they will charge you an extra amount.We designed our mock practice tests in an easy and effective way to get good command over traffic laws. There are 45 questions for every each test to clear mock practice test, and you ought to get 38 questions right. Here we give mock practice tests to car, bike, truck. For car mock practice test there are 10 tests, While for motorbike and truck there will be 5 tests for each test you will be dispensed with 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 options, need to pick a decision from those 4 choices. Here there is no time limit, and you can rehearse these tests for nothing on the web. The questions depend upon the real test and have been reestablished for , much comparable to the actual knowledge test.


  • At what age I can apply for G1 licence in Ontario?

    When you are 16 years old, you can apply for the licence.

  • Applying for a full driver permit in Ontario is around a 2year process. These are the steps to follow.

    • Take and Pass the knowledge test you will be permitted with a learner licence (G1)
    • Holding learner permit (G1) for 12 months, Can apply for G2
    • Applying for a road test, on passing the road test, you will obtain a G2 licence That is probationary permit.
    • Holding this probationary permit for 12 months, then you can apply for Full licence (G), this is accessible only on clearing additional road test.
  • The G1 permit total costs $158.25. This incorporates $15.75 for the Knowledge test, $52.50 for the Class G2 Road Test, and $90.00 for the permit which is valid for 5 years.

  • If you fail the knowledge test, You are allowed to retake the test at whatever point you are prepared. For this, they will charge an extra amount.

  • To apply for the knowledge test, you can do it in two ways one way is that you can visit licensing centre which is nearby and can book or else you can do it online by going through this link

  • After clearing the knowledge test, you will be permitted with learner's licence (G1). After that, you can get ready for the Road test that is G2 permit.

Driving Theory Test

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