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Quebec Driving Test

To get the full Driver's licence in Quebec, you should be at least 16 years of age, and as per the SAAQ (Societe de l'Assurance Automobile du Qu├ębec), you should finish the 4 modules of Phase 1 of driving course before you acquire a Class 5 Learner's License in Quebec. Every module incorporates a 2-hour theory part given in the classroom and a self-study segment. You should likewise clear the knowledge assessment provided by your driving school, covering the material contemplated. When that is secured, you may have your document opened and be given a learner's permit. The learner's permit gives you admittance to the street network gave you are joined by a driving school teacher or accompanying with a driver. Our site provides mock Driver's practice tests for class 5, class 6, class 3, which comes under the car, motorbike, truck. The most well-known Driver's permit is as per the following.

  • Class 5 Driver Test

    A class 5 Driver's licence allows driving car before getting the full Driver's permit for the car you need to follow 5 steps to get the full drivers licence.

    • Step-1: Register for a driving course at a driving school affirmed by the SAAQ/AQTR which incorporates both theory and practical lessons.
    • Step-2: Get a Class 5 Learner's License; probably passed Phase 1 of endorsed driving course (5 theory modules). To get this permit, one must pass a multiple-choice road theory test. The licenses allow for the learning driver to drive on streets joined by somebody with a full legitimate driver's permit.
    • Step-3: Pass the theory test and should hold the learner's permit for 10 months
    • Step-4: Pass the road test; must have effectively finished the previously mentioned driving course, have just breezed through the theory assessment and have held a Class 5 Learner's Licence for a year.
    • Step-5: Acquire a Probationary License; should have passed the road assessment. Valid for two years after which time an individual is qualified for a full Class 5 Driver's Licence.
  • Class 6 Driver Test

    To acquire a Class 6A, 6B or 6C bike driver's permit, you need to breeze through a knowledge assessment, take a course, and finish 2 road tests.

  • Class 6R (Learner Licence) Driver Test

    To get 6A or 6B or 6C licence. Before that, You need to take a knowledge test, and a vision test that is 6R licence SAAQ affirms this test.

  • Class 6A (Learner licence) Driver Test

    After getting the 6R licence, you need to wait for 30 days and take a complete driver course, and it includes showing great bike handling with abilities in a closed track road test. Passing this closed track road test, you will obtain Class 6A learner's licence

  • Class 6A Driver Test

    Keeping the class 6a licence for 11 months, you can apply for a final road test, affirmed by SAAQ, this test will check to decide whether you have total knowledge on Quebec street signs, street rules, bike driving moves and the capacity to independently deal with a bike in any road situation. Clearing this last road test, you will be obtaining a probationary licence for Class 6A or 6B or 6C.

  • Class 6A/6B/6C (Probationary licence) Driver Test

    Holding this probationary licence for 2 years will upgrade you to Full Driver's licence for Class 6A or Class 6B or Class 6C.

  • Class 6A Driver Test

    This allows us to drive all motorcycles.

  • Class 6B Driver Test

    Class 6B licence allows to drive motorcycle of cylinder size of 400 cc or less.

  • Class 6C Driver Test

    A class 6C licence allows to operate motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 125 cc or less.

  • Class 3 Driver Test

    Class 3 licence allows to drive truck which must have 2 years of class 5 licence experience, and should pass the SAAQ knowledge test and vision test and also satisfy the medical guidelines of drivers, must pass both road tests as mentioned above.

    The Written Test comprises of 64 questions where it parts into 3 parts the first part will be road rules and the second part is road signs and the third part is driving behaviours in first 2 segments you will have 16 questions, and in the third segment, there will be 32 questions. The passing score should be 80% overall, as you should get 52 questions right out of 64 questions. To apply for the SAAQ knowledge test, you can visit this site and can know all the offices near you. Cost of the written would be $11.60plus you also need to pay for learner's licence that is $71.72 total learner's licence package cost is of $83.32

    We planned our practice tests in a simple and powerful manner to get excellent order over road rules and road signs and traffic laws. There are 45 queries for each test to clear mock practice test, and you should get 38 questions right. Here we give mock practice tests to the car. For car mock practice test, While for motorbike and truck there will be 5 tests there are 10 tests. For each test you will be 45 questions, for each query, there will be 4 choices, need to pick a favourite from those 4 options. Here there is no timer set, and you can practice these tests for free on the web. The questions rely on the actual test and have been restored for , much compared to the real written test.


  • At what age I can apply for the licence in Quebec?

    You can apply for the licence when you are 16 years old and above.

  • A learner permit is an initial phase in the Quebec permitting system. It permits you to rehearse your driving abilities with a managing authorized Driver who has held a full license for 2 years. He/she should sit in the front seat with you consistently.

  • If in case you fail the written test, You must wait for 28 days and book an appointment again to retake the test at whatever point you are prepared. For this, they will charge an additional amount.

  • Applying for a full driver permit in Quebec is around a 4 year process. These are the steps to follow.

    • Pursue a driving course and breeze through the written assessment and finish of your Phase 1 program. You will get a learner permit right that this stage.
    • Holding learner permit for 12 months.
    • Pass the road test. On passing this, you will get a probationary licence.
    • Hold your probationary permit for two years before you're qualified for a full Class 5 permit.
  • You can apply for an appointment at your nearest SAAQ service centre, by visiting this link

Driving Theory Test

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