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Northwest Territories Driving Test

To acquire any class permit in Northwest Territories, you need to take the Knowledge test. In Northwest Territories to get your driver permit, you should be of 15 years old. As a new driver, you'll first need to obtain your Class 7 learner's permit, after that you have to take p the road test to get the probationary licence, and afterwards your full licensed Driver's permit. To get your class 7L, you should score at least 32 correct out of 40 questions in the multiple-choice test. Our site gives mock Driver's training tests to class 5, class 6, which goes under the car vehicle, motorbike. The most well-known Driver's permit is as follows.
  • Class 5 Driver Test

    Before to get class 5 full permit, you have to obtain a class 7 permit which is called Learner's licence. This class 5 licence allows for driving motor vehicles.
  • Class 7 Driver Test

    The first stage in the Northwest Territories is to complete a Knowledge test, which overviews your knowledge into Northwest Territories road signs and road rules. This knowledge test is all about theory-based with multiple-choice questions plus vision test, which helps drivers with understanding the basics behind driving before they get in the Driver's seat of a vehicle. On passing the knowledge test, you will be granted with class 7L licence (Learner's licence).
  • Class 5P (Probationary Licence) Driver Test

    Class 5 Probationary licence is acquired on clearing the road test, Keeping the class 7L licence for 12 months and practising safe driving, at this point you can apply for the road test. If you clear the road test, you will be obtaining class 5P licence.
  • Class 5 (Full driver licence) Driver Test

    This was the last step to get class 5 full driver licence. This is obtained on holding class 5p licence for 12 months and driving safely can upgrade you to full driver licence that is Class 5 licence.
  • Class 6 Driver Test

    To acquire class 6 licence you first need to hold class 7L licence. Getting class 7L licence is as mentioned above. This class 6 licence allows driving motorcycles.
  • Class 6P (Probationary licence) Driving Test

    A class 6P licence is acquired on passing the written test and a practical test on holding class 7L licence. These tests are designed to test your driving skills on motorcycles. On clearing the written test and practical test, which are part of the graduated Licence program will acquire you to get class 6 probationary licence.
  • Class 6 (Full licence) Driving Test

    You should hold class 6p driving licence for 12 months and should drive safely, which is mandatory. Once the wait time is over, you're eligible for the full licence that is class 6.The actual knowledge Test involves 40 questions where it parts into 2 parts. The first part will be road signs, and the second part is road rules. In each section you will have 20 inquiries, you are allowed to submit 4 mistakes in each part. The passing score for this is 80%. To apply for a written test, go through this site or by visiting your close by DMV (driver and motor vehicle service) office. The written test costs you $44. You will have no time limit to clear this test if you end up fail to clear the test you can apply again and retake the test for this they will charge you an extra amount.We planned our mock practice tests in a simple and powerful manner to get excellent order over traffic laws. There are 45 questions for each test to clear mock practice test, and you should get 38 questions right. Here we give mock practice tests to car, motorcycle. For car mock practice test there are 10 tests, While for motorbike there will be 5 tests for each test you will be shed 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 options, need to pick a choice from those 4 options. Here there is no time breaking point, and you can practice these tests in free on the web. The questions rely on the genuine test and have been restored for , much practically identical to the real knowledge test.


  • Which questions will come in the knowledge test?

    The questions you will overcome will be related to safety measures, road rules, road signs, traffic rules.

  • You can apply for the licence when you are 16 years old and above.

  • Applying for a driver permit in Northwest Territories is around a two-year process. Some steps need to be followed are.

    • Take and finish a written test that will give you a learner Permit.
    • Hold your learner Permit for a period of 12 months.
    • Take and complete your road test. Get your probationary licence.
    • Holding your probationary permit for a year. At this point in time, you can apply for your full license.
  • No, most of the questions rely upon road signs, and road rules questions are not so much complicated. Ensure you read questions properly and select the suitable answer which is given in options

  • Northwest Territories Driver's Handbook has everything the data you require to know for your test.

  • After you finish your written assessment in the Northwest Territories, you will get a learner permit. You may start utilizing this permit to drive with. You may drive with a completely authorized driver with at any rate 2 years of involvement sitting close to you consistently. You need to hold your learner permit for a year before you may plan your road test.

  • A Learner permit is the first permit you get in the Northwest Territories in graduated licence program. It is given after you have breezed through the written and vision assessments. With this permit, you can drive in the vehicle with a completely authorized driver who has held their permit in any event 2 years.

    A Probationary permit is the second permit you get in the graduated licence program. It is given to you after you finish your road assessment. There are still a few limitations with this permit, for example, no driving between 11 pm and 6 am, yet at any rate, you can drive alone with this permit. You should stand by for a year after having gotten learner permit before you can be qualified for this kind of licence.A Full permit is the last stage in the Northwest regions graduated licence program. You can apply for it after you've held your probationary licence for a year.
Driving Theory Test

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