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British Columbia Driving Test

To acquire any class permit in British Columbia, you need to take the Knowledge test. In British Columbia to get your driver permit, you should be of 16 years old. As a new driver, you'll first need to your L (Class 7 learner's permit), at that point your N (beginner permit), and afterwards your full-benefit driver's permit (after clearing through your Class 5 road test). To get your L, you should score at least 40 out of 50 questions in the multiple-choice test. Our site gives mock driver's training tests  to class 5 or 7, class 6 or 8, class 3, which goes under the car vehicle, motorbike and truck.
  • Class 5 or 7 Driver Test

    Class 5 to drive cars, vans or the vehicles up to 4,600kg this is a full vehicle licenceClass 7 will have the graduated licensing restrictions which comes under learners licence and novice permit
  • Class 6 or 8 Driver Test

    Class 6 permit is to drive motorcycles off-road cycles and off-road vehicles this permit falls under full driver licenceClass 8 will have the graduated licensing restrictions which comes under learners licence
  • Class 3 Driver Test

    Class 3 allows to drive trucks with multiple axles, including dump trucks and enormous tow trucks, additionally allows the holder to work vehicles in Class 5.The real driver Knowledge test includes 50 multiple choice questions to where each query will have 4 choices you need to pick one decision right. You can venture through this test at this site This driver information test cost $15, and you will have no time limit to clear this test on the off chance that if you fail to clear the test, at that point, he/she have to hang tight for 24hours and permitted to retake the test for this they will be charged an extra amountOur mock practice tests are intended for you to get excellent order over transit regulations in British Columbia, to for the car vehicle practice test, there will be 10 test, where each test contains 45 requests, and for each question, you will b given 4 decisions, you need to pick one choice honourably.While for motorbike and truck there will be 5 tests for each test you will be allotted with 45 inquiries, for each question, there will be 4 decisions, need to pick an option from those 4 options.To clear the mock practice test, you have to get 38 requests legitimately out of 45 inquiries, In our training tests, there is no time cutoff, and you can rehearse it for free through on the online. These free practice knowledge tests have all that you have to assist you with getting ready for and breeze through the information assessment for your learner's (Class 7L) permit. The questions depend on the genuine test and have been refreshed for 2020, much the same as the real knowledge test. Start anticipating your driver information test by picking the sort of vehicle.


Driving Theory Test

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Go through new versions of the Highway Code and practice all the mock theory tests for several times for better results.