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Alberta Driving Test

To get any class driver’s permit in Alberta, initially, you have to take the driver’s knowledge test where the knowledge test comprises of street rules and street signs and wellbeing proportions of driving. To take the driver’s information test, you ought to be 14 years of age or above. Our site provides mock driver’s practice tests for class 5, class 6, class 3, which comes under the car, motorbike and truck.

Licence and vehicle types

  • Class 7 Driver Test

    It is learner’s permit this permit is applicable only when you clear your computerized driver’s knowledge test and a vision test. Class 7 drivers may work mopeds without a going with the driver. A parent or gatekeeper must sign a consent form for a candidate younger than 18.
  • Class 6 Driver Test:

    This class allows driving a motorcycle; the minimum age required to get this licence is 16 years. A driver holding class 7 and class 5 probationary licence can not operate a motorcycle. Students with a Class 5 (non-trial) or higher permit (Class 1, 2, 3, or 4) have no limitations aside from that a directing rider must be available.
  • Class 5 -Graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL):

    This class allows driving a 2-axle single motor vehicle. To obtain this licence, he or she must be 16 years old. This permit can be gotten once a driver has held a Class 7 permit (Learner’s Permit) for in any event one year without suspension. This permit permits one to drive without a going with a completely authorized driver. An actual road test is needed to acquire this permit.
  • Class 5- Full Licence, Non-GDL:

    This class allows driving 2-axle single motor vehicle, motorhome without airbrakes unless you hold an air brake certificate. A driver can get this licence after having held the Class 5 Probationary licence for 2 years without suspension. The minimum age to get this licence is 18. An advanced road test must be passed to acquire this permit. A driver with this permit is referred to as a “fully-licenced driver”.
  • Class 3 Driver Test:

    This class allow to drive any motor vehicle that the holder of a Class 5 permit may drive, a single motor vehicle with at least 3 or more axles.The actual driver Knowledge test comprises of 30 different decision addresses where each question will have 4 options you have to pick one choice right. You can step through this exam at any registry agent office in Alberta. This driver knowledge test cost $17, and you will be assigned with 60 minutes to clear this test if in case you fail to clear the test, then he/she need to wait for 24hours and allowed to retake the test for this they will be charged an additional fee.Our mock practice tests are designed for you to get good command over traffic laws in Alberta, to for the car practice test, there will be 10 test, where each test contains 45 inquiries, and for each question, you will b given 4 choices, you have to pick one option admirably.While for motorbike and heavy vehicle there will be 5 tests for each test you will be assigned with 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 choices, need to pick an alternative from the accompanying. To clear the mock practice test, you need to get 38 inquiries directly out of 45 questions, In our practice tests, there is no time limit, and you can practice it for free through online. Begin planning for your driver knowledge test by picking the kind of vehicle.


  • At what age I can apply for the licence in Alberta?

    You can apply for the licence when you are 14 years old and above.

  • Reaching your closest registry office. Simply call l 780-427-7013 (Service Alberta). You additionally may:

    visit official Alberta sitevisit servicealberta.cavisit the Association of Alberta Registriesrefer to your nearby local directory under License and Registry Services
  • Applying for a full driver permit in Alberta is around a two-year measure. There are steps

    • Stage 1: Take and clear a written test that will give you a learner’s grant.
    • Stage 2: Hold your license for at least a year and pass the basic Alberta Class 5 test to turn into a Probationary Driver.
    • Stage 3: Hold your Probationary permit for a year and clear the advanced road test to turn into a fully-licenced driver.
  • Once you pass the Knowledge test you will be permitted with learner’s licence where you can drive the vehicle in observation of elder sitting next to you, these learner’s licence should be carried for 12months once the period is over you can apply for a road test.

  • Unfortunately, if you fail to clear the Driver’s Knowledge Test, you need to wait for 24 hours and again retake the test.

  • No, most of the questions rely upon road signs, and road rules questions are not so much complicated. Ensure you read questions properly and select the suitable answer which is given in options.

Driving Theory Test

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