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Prince Edward Island Driving Test

To get full driver's licence in Prince Edward Island. As a beginner driver, you need to follow few steps, the first step is to get instruction Driver's permit this permit, and after that, he/she need to take up the road test upon clearing this test you can upgrade to full driver licence. To apply for instruction Driver's permit he/she should be 16 years old, and For written test, the passing score should be 32 questions correct out of 40 questions which are of multiple-choice. We provide you mock practice tests to class 5, class 6, class 3, which comes under the vehicles car, motorbike and truck. The most notable driver's license is as per the following.

  • Class 5 Driving Test

    The class 5 driver's licence is a full driver's licence that is to operate cars and any small vehicles which are not exceeding 14,000 kg. You should be at age 17 years old or age 16 with 275 days with a driver instruction program. To get the class 5 driver's licence, you need to go through instruction driver's permit that is class 7 licence.

  • Class 6 Driving Test

    A Class 6 driver's permit approves you to drive the 2 and 3 wheel bikes. If your road test is finished on a bike under 550 cc. A Restricted Class 6 is given permitting to drive the bikes under 550 cc. You should be at age 17 years old or age 16 with 275 days with a driver instruction program

  • Class 3 Driving Test

    Class 3 Driver's licence allows you to drive the vehicle which are above 14,000 kgs, like trucks without a trailer. To drive such type of vehicles with this licence, you should be 18 years old and have left Stage 2 of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program, and satisfy present medical guidelines for drivers.

    The actual Instruction Driver's permit (Class 7) will consist of a written test and a vision test, Upon clearing the written you will be with instruction driver permit holding this licence for a year you also need to complete Novice Driver's course. To clear the written test the passing score should be 32 questions correct out of 40 questions, this test will be segmented into 2 parts the first part will be of road signs having 20 questions, and the next one is about road rules carrying 20 questions in each part you are allowed to make 4 mistakes. Once you're permitted with instruction driver's permit, he/she allowed to drive the vehicle but only under the supervision of full licenced driver held for 4 years, need to keep for one year later you can apply for a road test. Finally, after passing the road test, you will be upgraded to full driver's licence. To book your written test for instruction driver licence simply visit this site and know all the locations which are near to you and make an appointment by contacting them. The written test costs $20 plus to get instruction driver permit it costs $20. There is no time cutoff for the test.

    We prepared our mock practice tests in a simple and powerful manner to get great order over traffic laws. There are 45 questions for each test to clear practice test, and you should get 38 questions right. Here we give mock practice tests to vehicle, bicycle, truck. For car mock practice test there are 10 tests, While for motorbike and truck there will be 5 tests for each test you will be shed 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 choices, need to pick an option from those 4 decisions. Here there is no time breaking point, and you can practice these tests in free on the web. The questions rely on the real test and have been restored for 2020, much related to the actual written test.


  • At what age I can apply for the licence in Prince Edward Island?

    You can apply for the licence when you are 16 years old and above.

  • The instruction Driver's permit costs $20, and the test for Instruction permit $20, for Novice driver course it is $100, and if you want to purchase driver's handbook it is again $20.

  • Applying for a full driver permit in Prince Edward Island is around a 2year process. These are the steps to follow.

    • Take and clear the written test you will be permitted with an instruction driver's licence (class 7)
    • Holding learner permit (class 7) for 12 months, along with that you should also complete Novice Driver's course which 275 days course.
    • Later finishing the time period of instruction driver and course, now you are eligible for applying for a road test, on passing the road test, you will obtain a class 5 or class 6 or class 3 licence (full driver licence).
  • If in case you fail the written test, You must wait for one week and then you're allowed to retake the test at whatever point you are prepared. For this, they will not charge any amount.

  • No, most of the questions rely upon road signs, and road rules questions are not so much complicated. Ensure you read questions properly and select the suitable answer which is given in options.

  • The Prince Edward Island written test comes in two sections. One section covers PEI's guidelines of the road rules, and the other part covers traffic signs. The driver's handbook and practice tests discovered here, on our site, are the best sources while getting ready for the written test. You can believe that the entirety of the questions will come directly from the driver's handbook and our mock practice tests.

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