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Newfoundland and Labrador Driving Test

To get driver permit in Newfoundland and Labrador, you need to take the knowledge test and road test, to get learner licence for any class licence first you need to clear the knowledge test. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the age should be 16 years old or above to get the learner permit. For clearing the knowledge test, you should get 37 questions right out of 45. Here we provide the mock test for car, motorcycle, truck which falls under the class5, class6 and class3 licence. The most common driver's licence are as follows
  • Class 5 Driver Test

    This class 5 driver permit is to drive a car, in this class 5, there are two levels.
    • level 1

      This level 1 licence you will receive on passing the knowledge test which you can hold this licence for 12 months, Holding this licence he/she can drive the car only under the supervision of full licensed driver who held for at least 4 years.
    • Level 2

      Level 2 licence is obtained upon completion of a road test, and this licence can be held up to 2 years once you clear road tests your ready to apply for a full driver licence. For this permit you should wait for a year after getting your level 1 licence, The restrictions for this licence is that no driving among 12 pm and 5 am, yet you can drive without a supervising driver.
  • Class 6 Driver Test

    This driver permit is applicable to drive motorcycles. Even for obtaining class 6 permit, there are two levels.
    • Level 1

      This level 1 permit you will get on finishing the written test which you can hold this permit for a year, Holding this permit he/she can drive the vehicle just under the management of full authorized driver
    • Level 2

      This Level 2 licence is permitted on completion of a road test, and this permit can be held as long as 2 years once you clear road test, Now you are prepared to apply for a full driving permit. For this grant, you should wait for a year after getting your level 1 permit.
  • Class 3 Driver Test

    This permit is to operate trucks, and a Class 3 permit has two levels.
    • Level 1

      To get a class 3 permit, you first need to clear the knowledge test, upon clearing the knowledge test, you will be permitted with level 1 permit.
    • Level 2

      To obtain this level 2 licence, you need to pass the road test once clearing this road you will be granted with level 2 permit which can hold up to 2 years. Now you can apply for a full graduated licence.The actual driver Knowledge test incorporates 45 questions which are of multiple-choice questions for each query will have 4 options you have to pick one choice right. This written test consists of two sections the first section is Road signs, and the second section is road rules. To pass this knowledge test, you need to get 37 questions right pout of 45. You can apply for knowledge test through this site This driver knowledge test doesn't cost anything upon clearing the written test to get the learner's licence you have to pay $60. You will have no time cutoff to clear this test if you happen to fail to clear the test you can apply again and retake the test for this they won't charge you anything.Coming to our mock practice tests, there are 45 questions per each test to clear mock practice test, and you should get 38 questions right. Here we provide mock practice tests for car, motorcycle, truck. For car practice test there are 10 tests, While for motorbike and truck there will be 5 tests for each test you will be allocated with 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 choices, need to pick a choice from those 4 options. Here there is no time limit, and you can practice these tests for free on the web. The questions rely upon the real test and have been restored for , much equivalent to the real knowledge test.


Driving Theory Test

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